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Prepare requests for proposals, price negotiations, build a budget, follow the evolution of shipping rates: Upply’s new feature provides invaluable help to all players throughout the Supply Chain and shipping industry.

  • In just 3 clicks, get the visibility on future and past rate evolutions on all the main commercial routes (corridors).
  • Choose your shipping route among 4 categories : road shipping in France, road shipping in the US, sea freight, or air freight. Immediately get the evolution of freight rates over the last 6, 12, or 24 months.
  • Data is updated every week, so you can stay on top of the latest price trends.
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Get an easily readable chart outlining freight rate evolutions in just one click.

Gain perspective on the trends with Upply’s expert in-depth analysis: commercial seasonality, geopolitical or economic events, increases or decreases of structural pressure weighing on a corridor…


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3 good reasons to use it

Make the right decision

Smart Trends gives you a clear look at the evolution of freight rates over 6, 12, or 24 months and helps players of the Supply Chain and shipping industry make the right decisions for them.

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Measure performance

Whether you’re a shipping service consumer or provider, Trends lets you compare your performance with the market trends analyzed by Upply.

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Save time

The graphic outline gives you easy access to the information you’re looking for. One look at the chart lets you monitor price evolutions for freight transport worldwide.

With Upply, you can also position your transportation rates:

Full-Truck-Load, Ocean Freight or Air Cargo: You can instantly access rate dispersion. 


• Launch our Benchmark with 3 criteria: Origin-Destination, Weight, and Price.
• Instantly get estimated positions on your rates within our price dispersion.
• Refine your search criteria for more accuracy: Level of Service (Express, Standard, Eco) and Type of Service (Door-To-Door, Airport-To-Airport, Port-To-Port...).

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