Compare up to 100,000 transportation lanes in 3 clicks!

Road, Air, Ocean Freight: choose the mode of transportation and compare freight rates with price dispersion calculated by Upply  (Only on Pc/Mac).

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  • Upload your files (using our template... or your own data format).

  • Launch the tool!

  • Wait, and in minutes you'll receive a detailed report on each of your transportation lanes.

Analyze thousands of freight rates in minutes!

A clear outlook on the positioning of your freight rates in minutes: The ideal support for your business strategy!

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What are the benefits of our service?

Saving time

In minutes, you can compare up to 100,000 transportation lanes (Road, Ocean and Air Freight). An exceptional time saver!

Global vision

Unprecedented global geographical coverage for Air, Ocean freight, as well as European & North American Road Transportation.


In PDF or e-mail, a single report is sent to you with a lane-by-lane analysis.

Decision Making

Real decision making tool, you position yourself to optimize your supply chain and boost your performance.


Your file, containing numerous lines of data, is analyzed automatically. No need to do the analysis yourself!

Strategic Analysis Tool

Assessment and preparation for tenders and RFQ's, analysis of transportation costs, strategic support for development: Our service is dedicated to help your business!

How does SmartScan work?

Price dispersion is achieved through Upply's algorithms, developed by our Data Scientists and our Business Experts.
Our statistical and econometric algorithms rely on over 80 million anonymized, encrypted and secure data sources. These are updated weekly.

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